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Alice's Shooting Star By: Tim Kennemore - Hardcover


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  According to Rosie, new children were arriving at Humpty Dumpty Day Care every week. There were little girls called Rainbow Polly, Fluffy, and Strawberry Smoothie. There were little boys named Rover, Grimble, and Sonic the Batflap. They all played together with angelfish and spider dragons, and after story time they went up in a purple spaceship to the moon. Alice was fascinated by the way magic words came flowing out of her sister's mouth like a sparkling river of pure nonsense.
  In-the-middle Alice stars in another hilarious story involving her "perfect" older brother Oliver and her mischievous younger sister, Rosie, who always steals the show. In this last book of the series, Rosie cannot stop telling lies, and it's causing problems for the whole family. Oliver tries to teach Rosie the difference between what's true and what's not, her parents create a truth-telling chart, but Alice is the only one who suspects that something else might be going on . . . Readers will be delighted by Alice's clever plan to rescue Rosie from misunderstanding, while becoming quite a star herself! Recommended for ages 7 to 10. (95 pages)

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