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Everyone Is Out to Get Us - CD

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Far-Less are a band that attempt to straddle the lines of classification by being too melodic for intense metal and hardcore fans and too rough on the ears to satisfy the pop/rock audience. Well, for those who enjoy delving into the middle territory of those two extremes, Far-Less have served up an afternoon treat on their full-length Tooth and Nail debut, Everyone Is Out to Get Us. The disc finds the band offering up a diverse collection of songs that brim with complex guitar work, throbbing drumbeats, tight rhythms, and a seamless presentation where one song's ending often effortlessly ushers in the start of the next. The finishing touch is in the steady vocal styling of Brandon Welch, whose smooth voice stands firm against the most aggressive or growling of backdrops. "You Knew What This Was" is a frenetic introduction to the band's melodic hardcore/ metal mixture that suitably sets the mood for the rest of the album.

1 You Knew What This Was Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less     3:29 SpotifyRdio
2 Dialogue Supervisor (Rise of the Pop Icon) Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less    3:39 Spotify
3 Jumping the Shark Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less    2:35 SpotifyRdio
4 It Gets Complicated Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less    3:50 SpotifyRdio
5 Garage Band Degree (Everyone Else Is Doing It, Why Aren't You?) Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less     3:48 SpotifyRdio
6 Walk Between the Raindrops Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less    2:12 SpotifyRdio
7 I Looked at the Trap, Ray Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less    4:04 SpotifyRdio
8 Too Pretty (To Be a Zombie) Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less     3:49 SpotifyRdio
9 Roswell That Ends Well Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less    3:59 SpotifyRdio
10 Everyone Is Out to Get Us Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less    3:58 SpotifyRdio
11 Semper Far-Less / Brandon Welch Far-Less   7:11 SpotifyRdio

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