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SCENARIOS 3 & 4-Risky Business: 2 Interactive Stories in 1

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   What would YOU do if you had to make a life altering decision? Would you stand your ground and choose a path that follows your belief? Or would you give in to peer pressure to avoid rejection? With this 2 in 1 book you are given the opportunity to do just that. In Magna, Molly and her friends have just started high school and want to get a job so they can afford new, cooler, more high school clothes. When they apply at the coolest clothing store at the mall, Molly is the only one that's hired.
    It's not long before everyone, including the most popular girls in school want Molly to use her discount for them and to sneak them coupons. Then her friends want her to help them steal clothes from the store . . . what will Molly do? Will she stand up for her beliefs and tell them no, risking their friendship? Or will she say yes and steal from her work? You decide and discover the life-changing consequences that come with the choice.
    In Making Waves, Kate's always loved to swim and this year she's decided to try out for the swim team. When Kate's team members introduce her to Red Dragon, an energy drink, she discovers a new found energy and the ability to break records swimming. But what will Kate do when her swim friends offer her speed for her race? Will she say no . . . or will she say yes in order to win her race? You decide the outcome and see what consequences come with the decision that you choose. (352 pages)

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